-Toronto's Only Floatarium Tank
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What our clients have to say about floating.

- When I went for my first appointment, the staff were wonderful. They
prepared me as to what to expect and they answered all my questions.
The tank was bigger than I imagined and I was relieved. I wasn't sure if I
could be in a confined space and I had some reservations about a
"sensory deprivation tank." It turned out to be a deep form of meditation
for me.

The salt water was soothing and the sensation of not feeling my body
weight was very freeing. After about fifteen minutes, I felt my body let go
 and I was able to go into a relaxing trance state. Time truly felt
suspended, when my session was over, I noticed right away that I was
breathing differently; more deeply and peacefully. I am definitely coming

After several solo floats, I tried a couples float. It was very comforting to
be in the tank with another person. While we were in the tank I felt a
heightened empathetic connection with her. Afterwards my body felt
very soft, and we were very giggly and silly. The float was valuable for
deepening our bond with each other as we both love sharing mind and
emotion expanding experiences.