-Toronto's Only Float Centre
Our Mission

To provide an oasis for the mind, body, spirit and mental states.
It is our humble intention to offer repose, stillness and inaction
for those seeking relief from stress and all external stimuli.
Tranquility tanks is a womb like atmosphere that truly takes the
individual to a stillpoint.

A Tranquility tank is a stimulation free environment enabling your
to reach a deep neurological still-point in the midst of a hectic
urban life. As you close the door, light and sound disappear.
Infuzed with huge amounts of Epsom salts, the soothingly warm
water allows your body to float effortlessly, freed from the stress
of gravity. Deep states of relaxation and brain- wave patterns
normally associated with advanced meditation are commonly
717 Bloor Street West  
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1L5
at Christie Subway
Phone: 416-535-8777
Tranquility Tanks