Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to float?

Floating is very pleasant. You are completely in control of your
environment, free to enter or leave at any time. Afterward, your sensory
awareness is enhanced, similar to an increased appreciation for food that
one experiences after fasting. You feel deeply rested, often experiencing
childlike inner peace that has been impossible to find in the outer world.

What are the Health Benefits of floating?

The health benefits experienced by floating are numerous both physically
and mentally. Physically, floating in a gravity free state induces profound
muscular relaxation. Floating causes the body to rapidly rid itself of the
waste products produces by exertion such as lactic acids thus speeding
recovery from physical stress also speeds protein synthesis in the body
thus speeding muscle repair and growth. Mentally, floating eliminates
external distractions allowing the floater to drop into a Theta (meditation)
state that can last for  days.
-Toronto's Only Float Centre
Will I feel claustrophobic?

Floaters find that after entering the tank they quickly become so relaxed that any fears disappear.  Also the
weightlessness effect and the absence of light give the floater a feeling not of being in an enclosed place but rather
of being comfortably suspended in infinite space.

How Big is the Tank?

The  Floatarium (TM) brand tank  is actually quite large approximately the size of a small hatch back car.
The interior is wide enough for two people to float at the same time
The ceiling height of the tank allows for a spacious feel and at any time, floaters are able to keep the door of the tank
 partially open.

Is it sanitary?

Salt is a natural disinfectant plus the water is filtered and brominated

Will the salt chafe my skin?

Epsom salts are used in therapeutic baths and are not irritating to the skin. If however you are worried about any
allergies we recommend picking up some Epsom salts from your local pharmacy and trying them out at home first.

What do I wear?

Because of the high sanitary conditions it is perfectly acceptable to wear your birthday suit.

What should I bring?

Everything is included with your session, we provide you with all organic shampoo conditioner and body soap, clean
towels and hair dryer.  You can bring a comb, hair-brush or anything you like to use after taking shower.

What if I have questions that are not answered on here?

We welcome all inquires and questions you may have about floating. Before each session we will go through general
orientation to provide you with details for the best experience . Feel free to call or email us.

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